Chadlington C of E
Primary School

Head Teacher:-   Ms R Hornibrook

Chadlington C of E Primary School, Church Road, Chadlington, Chipping Norton, OX7 3LY

Tel:    01608 676366              Email: 



Ofsted report 2016.pdf


          Behaviour policy

          Charging policy

          Special educational needs

          Accessibility plan  

          PE policy and Community           learning

          E Safety policy

          Safeguarding report

          Home school agreement   

 E Safety guides:

              Parent leaflet

              Parent & Carers checklist

              Play & learn booklet

              Inappropriate websites

              Chat guide

              Online grooming


              Music, TV & internet


              Cyber bullying


          Key stage results

          Pupil premium

          PE and sports premium


          Department for Education

          School performance tables


Chadlington School  Behaviour Policy.pdf Chadlington School Charging Policy.pdf Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.pdf SF_cn_parentleafletv2.pdf SF_version_5_of_parents_and_carers_check_list.pdf SF_play_and_learn_booklet.pdf SF_pdfs_inappropriate_websites_-_factsheet.pdf SF_chatguide.pdf SF_pdfs_grooming_factsheet.pdf SF_mobiles.pdf SF_musicleaflet.pdf SF_online-gaming.pdf SF_pdfs_cyberbullying_factsheet.pdf KS2 results 2015.pdf pupil premium web statement.pdf PE and Sports Premium 2015-16 updated.pdf PE Policy and Community Learning Program.pdf E safety policy.pdf AnnualSafeguardingReport Template 2015.pdf Accessibility_Plan_2014_2017.pdf Chadlington School Home School Agreement April 2016.pdf News admin

  Complaints proceedure

Complaints Procedure.pdf